Key Glock Blasts People Who 'Fake F*cked With Me' When Young Dolph Was Alive: 'Now They True Colors Showing'

Key Glock took to social media on Thursday to call out haters who "fake f*cked" with him when fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph was still alive.

Key Glock and Young Dolph attend Black Tie Affair for Quality Control

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Key Glock and Young Dolph attend Black Tie Affair for Quality Control

Several months after the fatal shooting of Young Dolph, Paper Route Empire’s Key Glock is calling out people for showing him fake love when the late Memphis rapper was still alive.

Key Glock took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday to claim people are now showing him their “true colors” following Dolph’s tragic death.

“These n***as fake fucked with me when Dolph was here.. now they true colors showing!” he wrote. “Been told him ‘fuck all them n***as. Ima keep my foot on y’all neck and my dick in ya bitch.”

Back in April, Glock sat down with Complex for his first interview since Dolph’s passing. When asked how he’s been dealing with the loss, Glock said that he’s “maintaining.”

“I’m maintaining. Like, I’m not getting better, I’m not getting worse,” he explained. “I’m just here right now. I can’t shake it, man. I ain’t even gonna lie. I can’t even shake it. It is what it is.”

Glock went on to describe how he found out Dolph had been fatally shot.

“I was at home. I was at home laying down, actually,” he shared. “Somebody called me in the house like, you know, when you can hear somebody call your name, like the tone of they voice, you know something wrong, you just don’t know what it is? That’s what it was.”

Watch Glock open up about Dolph’s passing in the video below.

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