Kai Cenat Roasts Drake for Always Pronouncing His Last Name Wrong

Earlier this month, the Twitch streamer cleared up confusion after his followers thought Drake blocked his number.

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Kai Cenat is roasting Drake for mispronouncing his last name.

During an appearance on Sundae Conversation, an interview series hosted by Barstool Sports personality Caleb Pressley, Kai was asked if anyone pronounces his last name incorrectly.

"Hell yeah!" the Twitch streamer responded. "Drake does it all the time."

When asked how Drake pronounces it, Kai explained that the Toronto rapper says his last name as if it was spelled "Cenot," as apposed to the correct pronounciation, which sounds like "knat."

"Can you believe that shit?" Cenat said, adding, "It's Kai Cenat. Drake says 'Kai Cenot."

Earlier this month, Cenat's relationship with Drake appeared to be on the fritz when a follower suggested Kai call Drizzy after the streamer criticized his Kendrick diss "The Heart Part 6."

"Oh, you just think I have got his number, huh?" Kai said. "Okay, let me call Drake and see if he answers, chat. Let me see if he answers. You think I've got his number, right?"

Moments later, Kai believed Drake had blocked him as the latter's number turned green for Cenat. "On God," he said. "It's green. His number changed."

Kai later clarified in a call with ImDontai, "Drake didn't block me. That's his old number. He just got a new number."

Kai Cenat criticizes Drake's latest diss track, realizes his texts went green (Number changed/blocked)

"GGs. It's green. On God." pic.twitter.com/fkRNxBo2WT

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