Federal Judge Reaches Decision on B.G.'s Early Release

A federal judge has rejected B.G.'s petition to get out of prison before his gun possession sentence is up. He will stay in federal prison until 2024.


Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images


A federal judge has rejected B.G.’s petition to get out of prison years before his gun possession sentence is scheduled to end. 

In an 11-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan wrote that B.G. “has not presented compelling and extraordinary reasons for his compassionate release,” and should therefore stay in federal prison until the end of his sentence in 2024. 

The ruling comes just two months after the former Cash Money rapper petitioned for an early release in a handwritten letter to the court, in which he talked about his upbringing and career as a rapper. He wrote that he took “full responsibility” for his crimes and that he intended to spend the remainder of his life “atoning through my actions, for the missteps of my early years.”

In her statement, Morgan wrote that B.G.’s behavior in federal prison appears similar to the conduct that got him locked up – possessing weapons and taking drugs. She cited nearly a dozen rule violations going back seven years.  “Dorsey argues he has been rehabilitated and is no longer the same person who committed these offenses. His prison record belies such an argument,” she wrote. 

In 2012, B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison in connection with guns found during a traffic stop in eastern New Orleans. He was also accused and charged with witness tampering and intimidation, which contributed to the length of his sentence.

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