GloRilla Celebrates Meeting Beyoncé at Grammys: 'I’m Finna Get My 15-Second Conversation With Beyoncé Tatted'

After meeting Beyoncé at last night's Grammys Awards, GloRilla took to social media to document the event. "My life is complete," she wrote.

GloRilla meets Beyonce at 2023 Grammys

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GloRilla meets Beyonce at 2023 Grammys

Fresh off her breakout year in 2022, CMG rapper GloRilla has checked one more item off her bucket list, as the Memphis artist met Beyoncé at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

GloRilla took to social media to document the event, which saw the two artists share a hug. 

“I love you so much,” Glo tells Bey in the short video.

She captioned the clip, “I met Beyoncé. My life is COMPLETE.”

GloRilla also hopped on Facebook to share her thoughts on the interaction, writing, “I hugged Beyoncé. I’m never taking a bath again.”

“I’m finna get my 15-second conversation with Beyoncé tatted,” she added. “Ahh! I’m still not over it.”

In a recent interview with, GloRilla—who in November shared her debut EP Anyways, Life’s Great… via Yo Gotti’s CMG Label—named Bey as one of the artists she’d love to collaborate with in the near future.

“There’s a lot of people I want to do songs with that I’m a fan of,” she shared. “But my top two that I’m extremely obsessed with is Beyoncé and Chief Keef. I want to work with Drake and Lil Wayne, too.”

GloRilla also discussed how her belief in manifesting has helped her reach her goals.

“All it takes is faith and manifestation,” she explained. “One, you actually got to put the work in and have discipline and know that it is there. You just gotta work for it. I tell everybody that’s gonna get you a long way. Manifesting and having faith and actually working and reaching toward that goal. I don’t feel like it’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you have your mind set to it and you don’t ever stop or give up on it.”

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