French Montana Explains He's Been Trying to Squash Beef Between Jim Jones and Max B

French Montana stopped by 'The Angie Martinez Show' this week for a wide-ranging interview that touched the long-standing beef between Jim Jones and Max B.

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French Montana stopped by TheAngie Martinez Show this week for a wide-ranging interview that touched on the long-standing beef between Jim Jones and Max B.

While speaking with Martinez, French, who last year ended his own 15-year feud with Jones, revealed that he’s trying to get his close friend Max B to bury the hatchet as well. 

“I been trying to squash the beef with him and Max B to this day,” French explained. “Nobody got shot, nobody died. Everybody had their obstacles, everybody got over it, so I just appreciate everyone being a grown man and understanding, from Jim to Max.”

French continued, “I would’ve never did that without Max’s blessing and the other way too. I’m just glad we’re closer to getting the bag. Everybody is getting older to beef over nothing now, and there’s nothing to beef about; it’s over.”

French’s comments arrive just a year after Max B revealed in an interview that he regretted feuding with Jones, leading people to believe a reconciliation between the two was imminent. However, last December, during a conversation with Jenny Boom Boom on Instagram, Jones made it very clear that he has absolutely no desire to work again with his once-close collaborator. 

“Nah, fuck Max B,” Jones said when asked about working with Max after he’s released from prison. “Tell Max B suck dick. Fuck outta here.” Explaining that people close to him know not to bring Max up, Jones added, “No, people don’t play with me with that conversation. Ain’t nobody can tell me nothin’ about that,” he responded. “That’s the first thing I say. You heard? If that’s how you feel, that end the deal for anybody. No Max talk in my conversation. Period.”

Check out Montana’s full statement up top. 

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