Freddie Gibbs' Ex Posts Photo With Benny the Butcher, Who Famously Beefed With Gibbs

The two rappers have thrown down in the past, while Destini Fox recently accused Gibbs of ghosting her after finding out she was pregnant.


The latest chapter of the beef between Freddie Gibbs and Benny the Butcher unfolded on Tuesday, as the Indiana rapper's ex posted a photo of herself with the Buffalo rapper.

Gibbs' former partner Destini Fox, who gave birth to Freddie's child earlier this year, may have reheated the cold war between her ex and Benny by tweeting a photo of herself with the Burden of Proof rapper. Benny is seen leaning in toward Fox's neck as she throws up a peace sign. Fox captioned the photo with emojis of a baby, the letter X, a violin, and a scorpion.

Benny himself retweeted the pic, simply writing, “Chillin like a villain.”

When an interloper decided to claim Fox was “just getting passed around,” she answered definitively, “Ain’t nobody getting passed around. me and benny are not dating. that man is married. i got my shit back, that’s it. and y’all can’t believe it so you gotta attach it to a false narrative.” Elsewhere she said "it was just a photo, that’s it."

Freddie Gibbs fans continued to tweet at Fox, targeting her supposed lack of loyalty, while also referring to a 2022 incident in which Gibbs was jumped in Buffalo by a group of men who were allegedly affiliated with Benny. Fox was with Gibbs at the time of the altercation.

Fox shared her thoughts on the fight back in May on social media, when she also accused Gibbs of ghosting her after he found out she was pregnant with his child. “Everything was good until we got jumped in Buffalo,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of her fighting off people in the clip. “That day really changed everything for me. I ended up having to get a prescription for xanax because I was so paranoid. I was having nightmares. It was horrible.” 

As such, it's not surprising that fans of Freddie ripped Fox on Twitter for her new photo with Benny. "This man physically try to harm you and your child's father," one user wrote. "Where is the loyalty? You hate Freddie that much that you're hanging with somebody that physically tried to hurt you."

Fox responded by blasting Gibbs for being disloyal to their son, before pointing out that Benny "never tried to harm ME."

"I had plenty of time to move over to the side if I didn't want to be involved," she replied. "I chose to help my n***a out cause he clearly needed it."

"Freddie was trying to hurt me," she explained in another post. "Freddie brought me to buffalo knowing i was green af about the situation. the first thing he said to benny that day was “hey I can’t do this I got my girl wit me” using me as a shield. it’s a lot deeper than any of you know."

She also added that "Freddie didn’t spin about shit when they took my jewelry so i went and got it back myself," and implied Benny gave her the chain back.

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