Drake Announces Official 'For All the Dogs' Release Date (UPDATE)

The dogs will eat on September 22.

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UPDATED 9/6, 9 p.m. ET: Drake confirmed tonight that For All the Dogs has a Sept. 22 release date, a.k.a. two weeks from this Friday. The record almost simultaneously received some big hype from collaborator Lil Yachty.

See Drizzy's Instagram announcement—featuring a vintage Dennis Graham live clip—here:

Doja Cat's Scarlet had already staked out a Sept. 22 date.

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Drake has provided fans with another update regarding the forthcoming release of his new album, For All the Dogs.

On Friday, during the latest stop of his It's All A Blur Tour in Las Vegas, Drizzy assured fans that his next full-length offering is "coming real soon," adding that he might announce the official release date at his concert in Vegas on Saturday.

"I know y'all worried about this album like you think I'mma wait till like next year to drop this shit," the Canadian star told the crowd. "I promise you, I'm not. I promise you. I got a album coming out called For All the Dogs. It's like—I know I say this a lot, it's real close I, I, I might give you the date in Vegas maybe tomorrow night, I don't know. I gotta go listen to it one more time. It's coming. It's coming real soon."

Drake says For All The Dogs is coming this year and he might drop the date tomorrow in Vegas pic.twitter.com/VP11ltpu9O

— Drake Fan Page (@DrakeDirect_) September 2, 2023
Twitter: @DrakeDirect_

Drake's comments arrive a week after he addressed fans' frustation after one rumored release date came and went.

“I know everybody’s upset because I didn’t drop my album last night,” he told fans in Seattle last weekend. “I didn’t say it was dropping last night, so don’t be mad at me. I just said it was coming soon."

Drake continued by confirming that the LP will "be worth the wait."

“It’s not going to be that much longer,” Drizzy shared. "You know I got shows every night. But I promise you, For All the Dogs is on the way. If you never loved anything I’ve ever done in the past, I promise you, this album will be for you. It’ll be worth the wait."

Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj, who is expected to appear on For All the Dogs, urged Drake to release his upcoming project, stating that her fanbase is excited about the Canadian rapper's new music. "Drake, I'm not going to tell you one more time. The Barbz want the album!" she said via Instagram.

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