Everything We Know About Chance the Rapper's New Album

Chance the Rapper’s long-awaited follow-up to ‘Coloring Book’ is on the way. Here’s everything we know about Chance’s next album.

chance the rapper 2018 getty kevin winter

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chance the rapper 2018 getty kevin winter

It's been three years since Chance the Rapper dropped his last full-length solo project, Coloring Book. Released in May 2016, Coloring Book was a success, both critically and commercially, and it cemented Chance’s status in rap's upper echelon. He has been relatively quiet in the past few years, but the buzz surrounding his forthcoming album has only grown in recent years, culminating with his string of singles in 2018 (“I Might Need Security,” “Work Out,” “Wala Cam,” “65th & Ingleside,” “The Man Who Has Everything,” “My Own Thing”).

On April 10, Chance told fans that his wife had given him the blessing to put his full attention on finally finishing the follow-up to Coloring Book. In an Instagram caption, he wrote, “My wife gave me the go ahead to put everything else on hold and really go to work on my debut album. It’s been a lil hard at times, I obviously miss Chicago and family and working on other stuff, but there is no joy like making a project. Somehow I always forget that I’m so, so good at this.”

Here is everything we know about Chance the Rapper’s next album.

It’s coming in July

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It will be Chance’s “1st album”

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Don’t expect it to resemble ‘Coloring Book’ or ‘Acid Rap’

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“GRoCERIES” gives us a taste of the album’s musical direction

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After teasing the track in April, followed by a more fleshed out preview in May, Chance served up his first single of 2019, “GRoCERIES,” featuring Houston dance-rapper TisaKorean. Backed by loose, playful production courtesy of Murda Beatz, the effortless jam finds Chance in his element, referencing childhood favorites like Minute Maid juice and Crash Bandicoot. Admit it: Chance never sounds better than when he’s waxing nostalgic over upbeat production. Let’s hope the song portends what’s to come on Chance 4.

The album was inspired by the music he danced to at his wedding

Chance the Rapper.

A tentative tracklist was previewed in ‘Next Chapter’ trailer

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Chance kicked off his debut album rollout by closing out the month of June with a preview of his “Next Chapter.” Following a series of clips that provide a roadmap to his career, the trailer ends with a snapshot of a tentative tracklist for the album, which has been compiled by Hip Hop N More and can be seen here (or at the 53-second mark of the video above). While there’s no sign of “GRoCERIES” or any of the loosies he dropped last year (“Might Need Security,” “65th and Ingleside,” “Work Out,” “Wala Cam,” “My Own Thing,” “The Man Who Has Everything”), 20 brand new Chance tracks is something to get excited about.

Potential features may include Kanye West and Childish Gambino

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Cities have already been announced for the tour

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The album is available for pre-order along with tickets for his next tour

chance the rapper

On the same day that he made his first two mixtapes, 10 Day and Acid Rap, available on major streaming services for the first time, Chance launched a pre order for his next studio album. He’s also offering a pre-sale for a forthcoming world tour. It’s worth noting that this marks the first time Chance has ever actually sold his music or pressed any of it to vinyl or CD.

Proud to announce that #10DAY & #Acidrap will be joining Coloring Book on all streaming platforms this evening accompanied by exclusive vinyl and merch and OH YEAH THE PRE-SALE FOR MY NEW ALBUM & TOUR ON https://t.co/hpfCtUy8Hq

Thank you everyone who stayed with me for so long. pic.twitter.com/ZW4COBAB9c

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) June 27, 2019

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