Bobby Shmurda Reveals How His Career Has Changed Since Going Independent

Fresh off releasing his first post-prison project 'Bodboy,' Bobby Shmurda stopped by Hot 97's 'Ebro In The Morning' to discuss being an independent artist.

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Fresh off releasing his first post-prison project BodboyBobby Shmurda sat down with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning on Friday to discuss his new label GS9 Records.

During his conversation with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez, the Brooklyn rapper broke down the difference of being signed to a label and operating as an independent artist. 

“I made $10,000 a month off of my first song I put out, ‘They Don’t Know,’” Shmurda said about his first release as an independent artist. “That was the most money I’ve made off of anything.”

When asked if he’s actually pocketed more money off the success of “They Don’t Know” than his 2014 breakthrough single “Hot N***a,” Shmurda explained how labels pay artists on the back end, whereas independent artists receive compensation on a monthly basis.

“Well, you know I got a check from ‘Hot N***a’ at the end,” he shared. “But this was like...every month they just give you a check. So it’s different when you’re independent.”

Shmurda went on to say that while signed to a label, he didn’t see his profits until years had passed. “You ain’t getting no check for years when you’re on a label,” he said. 

The interview arrives as the Brooklyn native is fresh off the release of his Bodboy EP, which marks the first project from Shmurda since he catapulted into the mainstream in 2014 on the strength of his debut offering, Shmurda She Wrote. Released earlier this month, the nine-track effort serves as an appetizer for Bobby’s upcoming full-length offering, Ready to Live, which is scheduled to arrive later this year. 

Watch Bobby Shmurda’s full interview on Ebro In The Morning up top.

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