50 Cent Explains Why “Many Men” Is His Least Favorite ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Track

The rapper explained how the iconic track differed from the rest of his landmark debut album.

Jeff Hahne / Getty Images

As 50 Cent continues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his iconic debut Get Rich or Die Tryin', the G-Unit leader has revealed his least favorite song from the album that put him on the map.

While speaking with Apple Music 1's Rebecca Judd backstage at the final London O2 show as part of his Final Lap Tour, 50 shed light on why he wasn't initially a fan of "Many Men."

“'Many Men' was my least favourite at that point because musically we was in the boom-bap phase," Fif shared. "We was in that hard-hitting intensity, the energy on the records, and it's the slowest song on ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin'. And it's now the tempo that the artists are rapping to. So the fast tempo, hard-hitting beats, that was that era, that time period. And the whole album had it.

Back in 2020, 50 Cent spoke about the influence of "Many Men" after Spotify named the track the most influential song of the year.

"They made it that for me," 50 said, crediting 21 Savage and Pop Smoke for adding their own spin to the song. "The younger artists doing it over, they made it that. And it's because they feel the same way." 

Fif added, “'Many Men' was the slowest track on Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which is fitting for today’s music. Because it fits production-wise now. Musically now, things are slower. They like rapping to R&B beats. So it provides more space for them to make changes in the cadences.”

Listen to 50 Cent's full interview on the Rebecca Judd Show here.

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