Makonnen Talks To Miss Info About "The Drake Effect," Working With Other Atlanta Artists and What's Next

The Atlanta up-and-comer talks OVO co-sign and so much more.


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Makonnen fever is at an incredible high. After releasing the ILOVEMAKONNEN EP in July, his stock has practically quadrupled thanks to Drake’s "Tuesday (Remix)". Since then, Makonnen has headline two shows in New York City, performed with Drake during the "Drake Vs. Lil Wayne" tour, and he recently signed a deal with OVO Sound. The 25-year-old Atlanta native's life has completely shifted in less than two months, and with the news of the OVO singing, this is only the beginning.

In a recent interview with Miss Info, Makonnen talks about what was going through his mind when he heard Drake on his song. He initially thought someone threw an old Drake verse on the track—a "bootleg remix," if you will—but the night before it dropped, he got pretty tired of working hard with what he thought was no end result. "Another day gone, like 3 A.M., and I feel like we still haven’t got anything accomplished other than I came to the studio and made more songs," he said. The next night, he was hanging at a friends when someone on Twitter tweeted him the OVO Soundcloud link with the "Tuesday (Remix)." 

"My phone started blowing up. Everybody wants to sign me," Makonnen said during the interview. "'Lets do beats now. Come work in the studio. Oh man I always knew your shit was the dopest.' All that. The phone goes off all day. That's the Drake effect."

He's put in work with other Atlanta artists and producers, like Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital, where they made six songs in just one night. But he felt a lot of hesitation at first from other artists. "They weren't confident to break a new artist or to have something brand new come out, it has to be accepted from others before people say, 'Ok, yeah that's cool," he said. Watch his full interview with Miss Info above.

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