Chief Keef Finally Opens Up A Glo Gang Weed Shop

Chief Keef invests his money into a weed shop just like we said he should.

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Are you tired of your weed dealer taking over an hour after he or she texts you, "Be there in 15?" Are the rising mid prices forcing you to scrape together resin bowls night after night? You're in your mid 20's, isn't it time to upgrade your life, bro?

Well, Chief Keef has you covered. According to an Instagram post from last night, Chief Keef and his Glo Gang affiliate Wolf Da Boss have opened up the first official Glo Gang weed shop. There's no word on where this "weed shop" is located (however, we assume it's in California because of the West Coast Glo Gang graffiti featured at the end of the video) or if it's sanctioned by the government but we're just happy that Chief Keef heeded our advice and invested his money wisely.

We're not sure what type of marijuana strains the Glo Gang will be selling, but we have a few suggestions for Keef and Wolf Da Boss:

Lets hope that Fredo Santana and Tadoe follow suit: Fredo's Fucked Up Liquors and Tadoe's chain of molly water, anyone?

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