Earlier this week, Katy Perry heard Chief Keef's "Hate Bein' Sober" for the first time and tweeted that she now had "serious doubt for the world."

Today, Chief Keef responded with some not so nice words for Perry. Peep his tweets below:


Damn, that's harsh. The worst part is (although you can't see it due to coding issues on Twitter) Keef's tweet where he said he'd smack the pop princess was followed by a hand emoji. That's Charles Barkley Turrible, especially considering that Keef's boy Lil Reese infamously beat up his girlfriend in a video that leaked online. 

Keef is having quite a week (and let's face it, quite a life). Two days ago he was arrested in Georgia only to be released hours later and yesterday he Instagrammed an amazingly ridiculous tattoo a girl got of him. In less scandalous news, he also dropped the song "Macaroni Time." 

[via Twitter]

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