PROMO: How BOOTS Goes from Zero to Beyoncé

The Florida native takes the term “overnight success” to another level.

Not all success stories are gradual. Sometimes a career can go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. That's what happened with BOOTS, a dropout from South Florida who also just happens to be one of the most talented musical minds out there right now. One day he was homeless and living in his van, and seemingly the next he was writing and producing material for Beyoncé.

If that story sounds hard to believe, well, that's because it is. But things have never really moved in a straight line for BOOTS. After helping Beyoncé record her acclaimed self-titled album, his trajectory took another surprising turn. Rather than continue to help create material for the reigning queen of hip-hop, he decided that he wanted to write material to perform himself. So, BOOTS struck out on his own, and hasn't looked back since. Throughout all of last year and into this one, he's tackled a number of different projects. He scored the feature film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey (which included a sultrified remix of Beyoncé's iconic "Crazy in Love"), appeared on late night talk shows and in-print interviews, and has released a string of his own singles, to incredibly positive response. Word on the street is that he recently released a full-length solo album too.

Where most people—especially ones who had been living in a van—would have been more than content with whatever success they'd achieved, BOOTS kept pushing for more. If that’s not a testament to perseverance, we’re not sure what is. BOOTS has proved, yet again, that complacency has no place on the road to greatness, no matter how winding or unexpected that path may be.

For more on BOOTS’ incredible story, be sure to check out the newest episode of Uncharted above, presented by Honda.

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