Zayn Malik Pleads No Contest to Harassment of Gigi and Yolanda Hadid

News of Malik being charged with four criminal offenses of harassment surfaced not long after Gigi Hadid’s mother Yolanda accused the singer of striking her.

Zayn Malik pleads no contest in case.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 25: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik seen out in Manhattan on April 25, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Zayn Malik pleads no contest in case.

Zayn Malik was charged with four criminal offenses of harassment not long after Gigi Hadid’s mother Yolanda accused the singer of striking her.

As reported yesterday, Malik addressed the assault allegations levied against him by Yolanda Hadid, the mother of his longtime partner, Gigi Hadid. He denied the allegations, but now TMZ reports that the former One Direction musician has been charged with four criminal offenses that he has pled no contest to.

According to court documents pertaining to the case, the three got into a huge argument on Sept. 29 at his home in Pennsylvania that led to the alleged assault. Malik has been accused of calling Yolanda a “fucking Dutch slut” during the argument,” and said he wanted her to “stay away from [my] fucking daughter.” Following the verbal argument, Malik allegedly “shoved her [Yolanda] into a dresser causing mental anguish and physical pain.” The documents also accuse of him of blurting out, “the fucking sperm that came out of [my] fucking c***.”

Additionally, he has been accused of harassing Gigi, at one point yelling, “Strap on some fucking balls and defend your partner against your fucking mother in my house.” Sources close to the situation say that these comments were made on a phone call, as Gigi was supposedly in Paris, France at the time. The docs state that Malik attempted to fight a security guard at the scene, and yelled, “Get the fuck out my fucking house copper.”

On Wednesday, Zayn Malik pled no contest to the harassment charges and will serve a total of 360 days probation, and participate in both an anger management class and a domestic violence program. If all conditions have been met by six months, his probation could be terminated early. 

On Thursday, it was reported that Zayn and Gigi Hadid broke up sometime around the incident. In a statement, the singer denied physically assaulting Yolanda. "I agreed to not contest claims arising from an argument I had with a family member of my partner’s who entered our home while my partner was away several weeks ago," he wrote on Twitter. "This was and still should be a private matter but it seems for now there is divisiveness and despite my efforts to restore us to a peaceful family environment that will allow for me to co-parent my daughter in a manner in which she deserves, this has been ‘leaked’ to the press.”

He admitted that the incident included an exchange of “harsh words,” and said that he remains “hopeful” everyone involved will heal. "I adamantly deny striking Yolanda Hadid and for the sake of my daughter I decline to give any further details and I hope that Yolanda will reconsider her false allegations and move towards healing these family issues in private," he added in a statement shared with TMZ.

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