Three men currently standing trial as part of the sweeping YSL RICO indictment have been accused of stabbing a man inside Fulton County Jail, WSB-TV reports.

Christian “Brhis” Eppinger, Rodalius “Lil Rod” Ryan, and Damone “Bali” Blalock are currently being held at the Atlanta jail and were allegedly involved in the stabbing of a fellow inmate. Authorities have not released details regarding the identity of the victim, the nature of the attack, or the supposed motive behind it. The men are three of 14 defendants in the trial against the alleged gang YSL, of which Young Thug is also a part of. They are facing undisclosed charges in connection with the incident.

Eppinger is being held at the jail on accusations he shot an Atlanta police officer during an incident in February 2022. He is said to have opened fired at officer David Rodgers when he was to be arrested on outstanding warrants of robbery and aggravated assault. The officer survived the shooting. Ryan and Blalock, meanwhile, are serving life in prison over six separate murder charges.

In a statement shared with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ryan’s attorney Angela D;Williams maintained his innocence over the alleged stabbing. “Mr. Ryan is hopeful that there is a thorough investigation and that there is not a rush to judgment,” D’Williams said. “Mr. Ryan maintains his innocence regarding this incident.” Sheriff Patrick Labat, however, has alleged that Ryan has proved a difficult inmate since he arrived at the jail.

The news comes just weeks after D’Williams alleged that her client Ryan was assaulted by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office’s Scorpion Unit. “My client said that he had been assaulted by the Scorpion Unit,” D’Williams said. “They alleged that he spit on somebody.”