YoungBoy Never Broke Again Shares Concerning Picture With Pills on the Floor Amid House Arrest

Last year YoungBoy's lawyer said his home incarceration has worsened his client's depression and anxiety.

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again has shared a picture of himself on the floor next to a spilled bottle of pills amid his lengthy house arrest.

In a post shared on Instagram, the 24-year-old rapper was seen laying on the floor next to a double cup and an unidentified prescription bottle. "& that's why I don't pick up the phone when it ring," he captioned the post.

YoungBoy, who is currently awaiting trial in a federal firearm case, has been forthcoming about his struggles with mental health as he's been stuck inside. In court documents last year, his lawyer James P. Manasseh said there has been a sharp deterioration in his client's mental health.

“Being confined to his home and unable to complete his employment obligations has led to great anxiety, depression, loss of weight and sleep,” Manasseh said in the docs. “[YoungBoy] has been visibly stressed and has expressed concern and loss of hope that he will be able to return to his contracted employment obligation.” YoungBoy and his legal team is hoping to change the definition of "employment-related activities" to alleviate the conditions he's under in confinement.

In a post on his cat's Instagram in July last year, he shared a worrying message to his fans. “It’s me neon,” the text started, referring to his cat, Neon. “I been seeing a lot my dad so unhealthy it’s scary even his mental he blows his money making people smile who don’t care to see the signs that’s literally in they face 20xanxz a day please #help.”

In an interview with Complex recently, he called the music industry "demonic" and expressed his desire to not be a big part of it. "I accept it. I run with it. But don’t be a dummy at the same time," he shared. "You gotta understand, they’re using me as entertainment and this shit becomes self-destruction too. 'Cause I ain’t an entertainer. You know, some shit can’t be spoke on. Why? Man, 'cause that shit, it's to be continued."

YoungBoy is scheduled to release a new song titled "Bnyx Da Reaper" later tonight.

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