Young Thug Further Clarifies Jay-Z Comments, Names His Top 5 Rappers on 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' Podcast

Young Thug stopped by the 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' podcast, talking everything from his comments on Jay-Z to his top five rappers alive.

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Young Thug and the Young Stoner Life Records family stopped by the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, talking everything from his comments on Jay-Z to his top five rappers alive.

Last time Thug appeared on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, he suggested that Jay-Z does not have 30 stadium anthems his fans would sing back. By comparison, he asserted that he had over 40 at least. He later clarified his comments somewhat and said, “I was talking to [sic] fast but y’all know what I meant.” He further explained what he meant in his latest appearance on the show.

“You were basically saying you got a lot of fuckin’ records,” Gillie Da King said at the 13:30 point of the interview when bringing up the prior comments. “Basically that’s all I was saying, I just used his name because he the biggest n***a in the world to me,” replied Thug. “I just used his name, to let the world know, like, ‘Yo, I got just as many hits as the biggest n***a in the world. I’m doing two hours on stage, for real. I don’t remember my last hour show… and I don’t do too much talking.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Thug was asked who his top five favorite rappers are. He initially listed the entire YSL record label, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, and Drake as four of his selection, but he drew a blank when it came to his fifth choice. He said that either Future or 21 Savage could claim that spot, but if he was focusing on lyrics he said he would’ve shouted out Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, or Bas. “It’s about everything. Everybody who I named got everything,” he said.

Ultimately he chose Kanye as his fifth, or as he put it; “Fifth one gotta be Kanye.” With the exception of Bas, Thug has collaborated with every one of the rappers he named. 

Check out the full interview with Thug and YSL above.

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