YNW Melly’s Condition Has Reportedly Worsened Since Contracting Coronavirus

YNW Melly is currently awaiting his double murder trial behind bars, and he's reportedly not doing so hot since contracting the coronavirus.


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YNW Melly is currently awaiting his double murder trial behind bars, and he's reportedly not doing well since contracting the coronavirus. At the start of the month, it was revealed that Melly had tested positive for COVID-19. In the days that followed, the "Murder ON My Mind" rapper filed an emergency motion for restricted release that was subsequently denied

TMZ reports that sources close to Melly say his condition has worsened since, and jail staff is still not checking him hourly as they were supposed to. Melly has reportedly continued to suffer from trouble breathing, body aches, and headaches while in Broward County Jail. The rapper has been isolated from his cellmate, who also tested positive, but he's allegedly still got a high temperature and chills as a result of the virus. 

In his emergency motion, Melly stressed that he needed medical attention and would seek the help required if he secured a release. The judge said Melly would have to request special medical treatment from the Broward Sheriff's Office if it's essential. It's unclear if he has requested such medical assistance yet, but the office said if someone is suffering from the virus particularly badly, they will be transferred to a nearby hospital.

Melly sent former collaborator Kanye West a tweet on Friday with the message, "Need your help DM." While it's not specified why he reached out, it's possible that it's tied to his current situation, with hope that Kanye’s connections will help him get the supervised release he’s looking for.

@kanyewest need your help Dm

— Melvin & Melly 2 Face 🌗 (@YNWMelly) April 17, 2020

Families of the rapper's alleged murder victims have made it clear they don't want him released, though. "While our firm and the family of Anthony Williams' sympathize with anyone affected by COVID-19, we do not believe this justifies pretrial release," said the family of Anthony Williams, one of Melly's alleged murder victims.

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