Tyler, the Creator Celebrates Foot Fetish Tweet From 2010, Says His Love for Feet Remains Intact: 'I Suck Toes'

Tyler resurfaced a tweet from 2010 where he opened up about having a foot fetish.

Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

Tyler, the Creator is a proud foot lover and he wants the world to know.

On Wednesday, Tyler retweeted a post he shared on December 25, 2010. "I Watch Foot Porn. No Lie, I Have A Foot Fetish," the original tweet read. "It's Weird. I Devour Bitches Toes."

Upon resharing his bold confession, he added, "13 years still true I suck toes." Congratulations on living your toe-sucking truth, Tyler.

The Odd Future founder is no stranger to oversharing on social media, but he's also been sharing plenty of interesting revelations in a string of recent interviews. During a recent appearance on DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz podcast on Audible, the 32-year-old said that he was once offered deals by Jay-Z and Diddy before he achieved success on his own terms.

"[Jay] invited us to one of his L.A. homes, and we just ate tacos," Tyler said. "We ate some tacos and he wanted to sign us. I was like, 'Man, you're cool, but no.' ... Him, Puff… a lot of people were interested… I don't know, I just want creative control and do everything."

Earlier this month he also tweeted about the influence the Black Eyed Peas have had on him, even though his opinion of Will.i.am is less favorable.

"will. i. am is still a dipstick BUT 25 years ago Behind The Front by the Black Eyed Peas (1998) released," Tyler wrote. "One of the first hip hop albums i owned. 7 years old, i wrote my first rap to the second half of 'positivity' (starts around the 5 minute mark). 'the way you make me feel' (my favorite) melds perfectly with kim hills vocals, 'joints and jams' simple yet incredible video is still something i awe over and 'love wont wait'...sheesh...still amazing! this album was my introduction to the sounds of bossa nova cause of the great ear will had for samples, which led to him doing that sergio mendes project almost a decade later. thank you for helping shape my ear and getting me started to write words down."

Last month, meanwhile, Tyler hit back against some of the early critics of Odd Future. "That’s why I did a lot of shit in the first place because you just get a reaction and watch everyone be kind of hypocritical," Tyler said in an interview with Elliott Wilson and Brian "B.Dot" Miller on the Rap Radar podcast. "There’s n****s out here shooting n****s, killing people; being weird with women for real; like, selling drugs [and] doing drugs. Like, we’re parading n****s that’s like, 'Oh I’m a drug addict, I’m off this shit.' But as soon as you see an upside-down cross, that’s the end-all, be-all? Like, are y'all fucking kidding me?"

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