FKi 1st Says Travis Scott’s "Drugs You Should Try It" Is Getting a 'Part Two'

It remains unclear as to when we'll finally get to hear Travis Scott's long-awaited album 'Astroworld,' but thanks to producer FKi 1st we do know that new music from La Flame is on the way.

Travis Scott has been teasing his long-awaited third studio album, Astroworld, for quite some time now, but La Flame still hasn't given us an idea on when to expect it. Though he's dropped material here and there, Travis has made it clear he's taking his time with the release. As one of his collaborators FKi 1st confirmed on Instagram, though, new music from Travis Scott is definitely still on the way.

In a recent livestream on Instagram, FKi 1st revealed that a second part to one of Travis Scott's most beloved songs is coming. "'Drugs You Should Try It'... We making part two of that sh*t," FKi revealed to fans. While he didn't indicate when to expect the song, it looks like La Flame has been recording new material with FKi, Sonny Digital, Mike Dean, and WondaGurl.

FKi even offered up a brief taste of what they've been working on via his Instagram story, although it's only a tantalizing tease rather than a full-blown preview.

Hopefully we'll get to hear the second part of "Drugs You Should Try It" pretty soon, whether it be on Astroworld or not.

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