Tony Yayo Says He Loves Wu-Tang Clan Despite Some Members Beefing With Him

50 Cent famously dissed Wu-Tang on his 1999 track "How to Rob."

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Tony Yayo has shared his love of the Wu-Tang Clan, despite also suggesting that some of its members aren't a fan of him.

During a conversation about the potential influence media can have on individuals to commit violence, something which Yayo disagrees with, Wu-Tang's seminal track "C.R.E.A.M." was used as an example. "I love Wu-Tang, some of y'all hate me, but I love you guys," he shared, noting that it was a song that "motivated" him when he was still selling drugs. "Music can motivate you to do something, don't get me wrong, but to go out and kill somebody? You're turning a fantasy world into another world. You just bugging."

While he didn't circle back to the topic of Wu-Tang, it's no secret that Wu-Tang have had issues with 50 Cent and the rest of the G-Unit crew ever since the 1999 track "How to Rob," on which Fif rapped, "I'd rob O.D.B., but that'd be a waste of time / Probably have to clap him, run and toss the nine." In the second verse, he also rapped, "I hit the studios, take n***as' jewels and leave / Catch Rae, Ghost, and RZA for them funny-ass rings

Ghostface Killah and Raekwon replied to "How to Rob" on the skit "Clyde Smith" from the 2000 album Supreme Clientele. The skit directly names 50 Cent, calling the disses against Wu-Tang "dumb ass shit" and threatening violence against them.

Considering Yayo's allegiance to G-Unit, and 50 Cent famously kicking Game out of the group after he refused to get involved with the Jadakiss, Fat Joe, or Nas beefs in 2005, it's perhaps not surprising that Yayo doesn't have fans in Wu-Tang. Sounds like he's happy to share love, however.

Recently, Yayo revealed that he made six figures as a supporting act on 50 Cent's Final Lap Tour. "I don't ask for too much. I'm making six figures," he said. "I don't ask for much so why would I bother you for more? It's cool. I'm not worried about that. Trust me, I'm making a great check […] The money is great, the money is excellent."

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