The Game Revisits Shootout With 50 Cent’s Security After Getting Booted From G-Unit

He also said that his crew regretted wearing Converse shoes in the NYC snow the day of the shootout.

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In an interview with DJ Vlad, rapper The Game opened up about getting into a shootout with 50 Cent after he was kicked out of G-Unit.

In 2005, Fif publicly announced on Hot 97 he was kicking Game out of the group after he suggested he didn't want to get involved in any of G-Unit's beef with Jadakiss, Fat Joe, or Nas. In response, Game decided to go to the radio station to confront his former bandmate. "They wouldn't let us in the building, it was locked, and there was security," Game explained. "50 was traveling with like, ex-Marines and shit like that. We just had the homies."

After Game and his crew arrived at the radio station, the two entourages got into a shootout on the streets. "We got into some shit with his entourage and his security, and shots were fired, a lot of shots were fired," he continued. At least one person involved was injured during the incident when he was shot. Looking back, Game said that his crew didn't have the best choice in footwear that day.

"The crazy thing about it, I think it was one of the coldest days in New York in the last 50 years or something," he said. "The snow was like, up to n***a's knees and so, we had on Converse and shit. I don't know if anybody ever been to New York when it's snowing heavy, but Converse in New York in the winter is the absolute worst decision you could make. ... It was n***as slipping and sliding, I remember we was hiding behind trash trucks and shooting back. It was just a whole shootout outside of Hot 97 that got us banned and changed the way that Hot 97 does interviews, I think, to this day."

"That was regular, I didn't feel no way about that," he said. "I always go back to, you know, the untimely demises of 2Pac and Biggie and I felt like hip-hop was real, I felt like you had a beef this is the only way to settle it. At that point in time, that was just crazy, because now looking back that is just... I don't know, I might have done things a little differently, maybe."

According to an MTV News article from 2005, Game stated he still wanted to make "good music" with 50 despite their problems.

Asked whether he thought their beef could've been squashed with a simple phone call, Game hesitated and said it probably would've made me sense to do it in person. "Minus the gunshots," he said. "50 is definitely intelligent, I think that with me and him, in-face conversations work better. Because on the internet, we going to fucking shit on each other, and behind closed doors we gonna say whatever. But when me and him get in each other's face, it's just a different conversation, man. And he know it."

Because of how tense the feud got, and the fact a shootout happened, the two rappers held a press conference to seemingly settle their issues. "Man, Jimmy Iovine made us do that shit," Game said, referring to the co-founder of Interscope Records. "We got paid to do that. I got like a million dollars to get on a private jet. ... I got like $2 million to 'cause they gave me a million dollars to stop saying 'G-Unot.'"

Asked whether the press conference helped settle any differences, Game replied, "Fuck no," and joked the peace probably only lasted as long as the conference did. There was a famous picture from the event, where Fif appeared to whisper something in Game's ear, but he doesn't recall what he said. "It was probably some bullshit," he said. "He intelligent, man, so he be throwing curveballs even when you ain't got your mitt on."

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