Tony Yayo Says The Game Isn't the ‘Real Legacy of G-Unit'

In an appearance on Math Hoffa’s 'My Expert Opinion'​​​​​​​ podcast, Tony Yayo got animated as he reflected on G-Unit’s beef with former member The Game.

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In an appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, Tony Yayo got animated as he reflected on G-Unit’s beef with former member The Game.

“At the end of the day, we fucked up a lot of money because we could have went overseas,” he said. “Without 50, Game, Banks, Buck, Yayo. We could have went out and made millions overseas. But [he] started the G-Unot. When I was on that balcony in Battery Park and I heard 50 giving him all those records, I’m looking at him like, ‘You giving him all this shit bro?’” The Game joined the group in 2003, but a feud arose and eventually he was kicked out of the group in 2005. There’s been friction between them ever since.

Yayo suggested that it was inevitable that G-Unit and 50 Cent in particular would fall out with The Game, due to long-standing rap rivalries between the two coasts. “You gotta think about this, you got L.A. n***as blowing up an East Coast n***a,” he continued. “What you think n***as in the studio was saying? We New York n***as. ‘You gotta blow up West Coast n***a, the West Coast the best coast cuz.” Yayo appeared to be referencing Dr. Dre’s relationship with 50 Cent here, but then he went on to blame jealousy as the core reason for G-Unit and Game’s issues.

“We could have made way more money. N***as came with the G-Unot shit ‘cause what always happen when n***as get money? Even when n***as were selling drugs back in the days, what happened? … Somebody got hate,” he said, suggesting that success led to clashes between them all. “When shit goes sour and the money slow up, n***as start tripping. Never bite the hand that feeds you. What’s up with loyalty, homie? You know the era n***as came up in, man. Loyalty is everything.” 

Hoffa continued to press Yayo about The Game, but the rapper shot down that the West Coast rapper should even be considered a part of G-Unit’s legacy. “Y’all keep acting like Game is the real legacy of G-Unit,” he replied. “No, it’s Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and 50 Cent, n***a. ‘Cause any New York issues that happened, I had to deal with when n***as pulled up. Understand? When I was on [Rikers Island], I had to deal with issues G-Unit had. I wasn’t in PC. No, n***as is real n***as. Game is on the West Coast, that’s his shit. We had to deal with Jimmy Henchman.”

Back in 2014, Yayo has spoken about Game before during a G-Unit interview with Hot 97. 

“I just feel like with the Game thing y’all know what it is,”  Yayo said at the 8:45 mark. “He was messing with Jimmy Henchman. It’s deeper than rap. Y’all keep asking that dumb question. When his OGs just had Feds knocking at my door. It’s like the industry y’all don’t get it. It’s the streets. Y’all don’t get it…My views of the industry is there’s a lot of snakes in it. Game was a snake that won. It was perfect timing for him. G-Unit was blowing. Understand? 50 was in the studio with Dre. He was in a little studio…We helped him. So, it’s like G-Unit we always the bad guys, but nobody ever see what anybody else does.”

Watch Yayo talk about the issues between G-Unit above.

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