Teairra Mari Responds to 50 Cent's $30K Invoice on New Diss Track

In January, 50 Cent was awarded just over $30,000 in a revenge porn lawsuit 'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari filed against him.

Teairra Mari

Image via Getty/Nicholas Hunt

Teairra Mari

In January, 50 Cent was awarded just over $30,000 in a revenge porn lawsuit Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari filed against him. She launched the suit against 50 and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad for posting sexually explicit photos and videos of her without her permission. He's been pestering her ever since, offering constant reminders of the money she owes him through his Instagram. Now she's finally had enough.

In a surprise move, Mari has released a new song that directly takes aim at 50. "Hey @50cent hit me ASAP I need you on this feature," she wrote on her Instagram of the new song. "Not dropping it till' I get your verse I got you... But #IAintGotIt." The track sees her proudly telling 50 Cent that she doesn't have the money he so desperately wants from her, with her singing, "Oh you thinkin' you gettin' I got it." She also refers to 50 as a "lame-ass n***a" in the track.

With how much 50 Cent has been dissing Mari on social media, it was only a matter of time before she would hit back. "This nut thinks she's not going to pay," 50 captioned a recent post featuring a picture of Mari, who took a slight dig at the rapper in her original post. "Somebody tell her they will lock her ass up for not responding in New York. oh you will get, talking about she ain't got it. That's a new wig...where is my money."

Whether 50 Cent responds to the diss remains to be seen, but it's not like him to stay away from a mess.

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