Steve Stoute Recalls Kanye Stealing Microphone From Maxwell to Freestyle

The incident happened at Stoute's wedding in 2015.

Kanye West and Maxwell
Arnold Jerocki/Prince Williams via Getty Images
Kanye West and Maxwell

On the latest episode of Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay podcast, Steve Stoute recalled the time Kanye West stole the microphone from Maxwell to freestyle during Stoute's wedding to Lauren Branche in 2015.

"Is it true at your wedding Kanye took the mic from Maxwell?" Sharpe asked at the 1:11:45 mark of the episode as seen below. "Man, how do you know this, man? Man, shut up, who told you that?"

Sharpe was tight-lipped as Stoute pressed him to explain who told him about it. "Maxwell was performing, Kanye got up there and started freestyling. Yes or no or that happened?" Sharpe laughed.

"That’s so wild that you know that, man. Who would tell you that?" Stoute said. "Yes, Kanye grabbed the mic and started freestyling, and it was… craziness. That’s all I can tell you. It was crazy." Stoute didn't go into much more detail but did confirm it happened unprompted during Maxwell's performance at the wedding.

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Kanye has a proclivity for the unexpected, as he made clear to the world at large at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. "Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time," Kanye said in a moment that forever impacted his career, for better or worse.

It appears there are no hard feelings about the incident at Stoute's wedding, however, as neither Stoute or Maxwell had anything bad to say about Ye's unprompted freestyle. All things considered, they got off easy with a freestyle. These days, it might be a bit more worrying if Kanye snatched a microphone for an unplanned speech.

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