Soulja Boy Continues to Blast J. Cole for Saying He Had a ‘Resistance’ to His Music: 'You Ain't Nobody’

"Nobody never listened to Jay-Z... Nobody never listen to you lyrical ass," Soulja said in response to comments Cole made while speaking to Lil Yachty.

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Soulja Boy still isn't happy about J. Cole admitting that he initially wasn't a fan of the "Crank Dat" rapper.

In a recent Instagram Live stream, Soulja Boy blasted J. Cole once again after he told A Safe Place hosts Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad that he "turned from a hater to an appreciator." Soulja Boy called out Cole for his comments on Twitter, but now he's coming in much harsher with his criticism.

"It don't matter what the fuck you like, J. Cole," Soulja Boy said, per TMZ. "You stupid bitch. It don't matter if you don't like the song at first, now you like it now, who gives a fuck? Who the fuck is you, n***a, you ain't God. You ain't nobody, n***a. You ain't bought my album, you ain't sign me. You ain't put me on. You ain't put no money in my pocket, you ain't do a feature with me. I ain't know you, we ain't ever met. We ain't never collabed. You ain't never gave me no game, you ain't never call me and say, 'Hey Soulja, let's hop in the studio and work.' N***a, fuck you."

He went on to say that Cole has done nothing for his career.

"What have you contributed to my whole life, n***a?" Soulja Boy continued. "Not one motherfucking thing, n***a. Shit, not a verse, a feature, or a follow, a tweet, bitch. I don't even know you, n***a. I ain't never spoke to you a day in my life. But you wanna get on a motherfucking podcast with Lil Yachty... Who gives a fuck? You was a lame n***a. Nobody never listened to J. Cole where I'm from. Simple. You was like a Jay-Z ass n***a. Nobody never listened to Jay-Z, n***a. Nobody never listen to you lyrical ass n***as. Nobody give a fuck."

Soulja Boy responds

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He concluded by saying that Cole looked "dirty." He also asked if anyone dressed up as him on Halloween this year. "Don't nobody wanna dress up as a dirty ass, bummy, homeless-looking n***a," he added. "Fuck outta here, n***a."

During Cole's Safe Place interview, the Dreamville arist said that he was initially against Soulja Boy until he found himself enjoying his music at parties. "My real friends was playing Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon when he came out... Whatever the fuck was poppin', whatever new rendition of Black culture was penetrating, like, music coming up, in the South, they was on," he said. "A lot of that shit for me artistically, and what I stood for morally as an artist, I was conflicted."

He continued, "I turned from a hater to an appreciator. Like, what can I find that's amazing about this? What can I find that's good about this? What can I find that's going on? That shit changed me as an artist. I became a better artist."

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