Saweetie Talks to Yung Miami About Quavo Breakup and Thinking They Would Spend Rest of Their Lives Together

In an appearance on Yung Miami’s 'Caresha Please' interview series, Saweetie has opened up about her breakup with Migos rapper Quavo last year.

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In an appearance on Yung Miami’s Caresha Please interview series, Saweetie has opened up about her breakup with Migos hitmaker Quavo.

“I’m much better than last year. I feel like I had to overcome a lot last year and I’m finally getting back to my centered self,” said Saweetie around the three-minute mark of the podcast. Asked to elaborate, she shared, “I lost someone who I loved. You know, when you think someone is your soulmate, and you don’t end up with them, it’s hard. You know, a lot of people thought that I was just having fun and the single life, but I was hurt. Like, I really loved him, and I was just doing a lot of soul searching. My problem is, I be thinking about like 10 years from now we gon’ have this, this, and that. So like when they don’t happen, I be dreams be, like, shattered.”

The couple revealed they’d called it quits in early 2021 after a couple years together. Saweetie wrote on Twitter that she had faced “betrayal and hurt behind the scenes.” 

Later in the interview with Yung Miami, Saweetie said she previously wanted kids “real bad” but now she’s not so sure. “It gotta be the right person. … Being single, I be having anxiety,” she confided. “Like when I go on dates, I don’t wanna get caught. … Somebody see you sitting next to somebody, the whole world just erupts. So it’s fun, ’cause it’s my first time really being single, but at the same time I have a lot of anxiety when I go on dates.”

At the 14-minute point, the conversation shifted back to her relationship with Quavo when the City Girls rapper asked about the video that surfaced last year showing a physical altercation in an elevator. Miami specifically said she wanted to know what was in the briefcase, to which Saweetie replied, “Girl, it’s a Call of Duty bag.”

Much to Saweetie’s shock, Miami then asked her directly if Quavo ever cheated. “You know, I think the past is just the past and I’ve moved on since then,” she said diplomatically, making a face while opting not to say more. “I think we had a lot of growing pains together. … I thought we was gon’ spend, you know, the rest of our lives together. With him, I just knew it was the one. It was different.” 

Saweetie attributed their split to “differences” and noted she would’ve loved Quavo regardless of whether he was an artist or not. “If he was a little mailbox man, and I came across you…I would have still wanted your ass,” she said with a laugh.

“I learned how to be a woman,” she reflected about the experience. “The way I was raised, I was raised in a really tough environment. Like, both of my parents is tough, but you know since I was in love I was like, ‘It’s time for me to step it up as a woman.’” 

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