Rick Ross' Past as Correctional Officer Resurfaces Again Amid Drake Beef

YouTuber and social media star 1090 Jake has shared alleged footage of the rapper's time as a CO in an attempt to expose Rozay.

Rick Ross onstage performing, wearing a black shirt and camo pants with a backdrop of screens and audience
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Rick Ross onstage performing, wearing a black shirt and camo pants with a backdrop of screens and audience

Footage allegedly of Rick Ross as a correctional officer is circulating online after YouTuber and social media star 1090 Jake threatened to expose the rapper's past amid his beef with Drake.

On Tuesday, 1090 Jake shared a clip he claims shows Rick Ross during his time at the Florida Department of Corrections, where he worked as a correctional officer. While it's unclear if the footage does, in fact, show Rozay, it comes amid the rapper's beef with Drake, who referenced Ross' former job in his leaked diss track.

The authenticity of the footage has been put into question because it doesn't resemble footage from the '90s. The video also shows what seems to be relatively modern TVs that wouldn't have been around at that time. Ross worked as a correctional officer for 18 months, starting in 1995. He resigned in June 1997. He previously denied he ever held a role as an officer, but has since spoken about the experience.

1090 Jake drops the footage of Rick Ross when he was training at the academy to be a CO 👀 pic.twitter.com/nIIaMPyXFA

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The increased interest in Ross' resume comes after Drake dropped a reference to it. Drake's diss follows Ross' co-sign of Kendrick Lamar's verse against Aubrey on "Like That."

"I might take your latest girl and cuff her like Ricky," Drake raps on his leaked diss track, which still hasn't officially released.

In documents circulating on social media, which 1090 Jake also shared, Ross is allegedly shown to have worked as a correctional officer from Dec. 29, 1995 to June 2, 1997. There's also a reported document from 1996 showing his "perfect attendance," which would contradict what Ross has said about the job in the past.

On the Full Send Podcast in 2022, Rozay claimed that he didn't work in a prison during his time as an officer and ultimately "didn't last long" in the role. "I may have last four months before they said... You know, I was a little tardy," he admitted. "One of my big homies had just got in trouble and a lot of things were going on. ... He just suggested it."

After Drizzy's diss track surfaced online last week, Rick Ross immediately responded with "Champagne Moments," which has since hit streaming services. On the record, Ross called Drake a "white boy" and claimed he got plastic surgery. Drake denied that he got a nose job and suggested Ross was "loopy" because of weight loss drugs. Rozay has since doubled down and has repeatedly called Drake "BBL Drizzy."

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