Rich the Kid Shuts Down Claims That He Was ‘Lucky’ to Be on 'Vultures' Hit “Carnival”: 'I Chose the Beat’

Elliott Wilson previously called Rich the "luckiest n***a on the planet" for teaming up with Ye, Ty Dolla Sign, and Playboi Carti on the 'Vultures' track.

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Person on stage performing, wearing a logoed hoodie, gesturing upwards with one hand

Rich the Kid still isn't happy about being called "lucky" for hopping on the Ye, Ty Dolla Sign, and Playboi Carti chart-topping collaboration "Carnival."

In an interview with Jordan Rose for Complex, the Life's a Gamble rapper suggested it was a big misconception about him that he hasn't been working on new material. "Whole time I've just been perfecting the craft, perfecting my sound," he said. "I'm always working." In response, Rose highlighted a tweet from veteran hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson, in which he called Rich the Kid "the luckiest n***a on the planet" for landing on "Carnival."

"I kind of felt a way about that because I made this song, we made this song. I went in the booth, I recorded it, I didn't write it down, just freestyled it, and we made magic," Rich the Kid said. "And now you're talking about I'm lucky like the words didn’t come out of my mouth, like I ain't say it. How the fuck am I lucky? I chose the beat. It was like, get off my dick."

He said in general he thought the comment was "very weird," and he felt like Wilson could have just congratulated him for the track instead. "Like, 'sounds like he perfected the sound. This is crazy. Production is crazy.' He should have said that," he said. "'I’ve seen Rich work forever and he's been grinding,' but you going to say some shit like 'you lucky?' Come on bro. You too old for that shit, but it's all love bro. It went No. 1."

.@richthekid responds to @ElliottWilson's criticism regarding "Carnival"

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @ComplexMusic

Shortly after a clip from Rose's interview with Rich the Kid circulated on social media, Wilson was happy to admit that he missed the mark. "Got it wrong," he wrote alongside the clip. "My bad. Salute @richthekid."

Got it wrong. My bad. Salute @richthekid 🏆

— Elliott Wilson (@ElliottWilson) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @ElliottWilson

After Wilson tweeted out his initial comment in February, following the release of Vultures 1, Rich the Kid directly responded with a brief tweet. "How the fuck I'm lucky?" he asked. "N***as made that song from scratch..hating is not cool bro." The song ultimately topped the Billboard Hot 100 and became Ye's first song as a lead artist to hit No. 1 in 13 years.

Elsewhere in his interview with Jordan Rose, the rapper revealed that he has a "magic" phone featuring some wild contacts. "I really don't know how it happened," the 31-year-old said. "I think I got locked up one time, and then I got my phone back and I just had everybody's number."

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