Rich the Kid Tells Wild Origin Story of His 'Magic' Phone With 'Everybody's Contacts in the World'

The rapper plans on releasing his long-awaited fourth solo studio album 'Life's a Gamble' later this year.

Music artist poses with red headband and layered necklaces
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Music artist poses with red headband and layered necklaces

Rich the Kid reveals he has a phone containing "everybody's contacts in the world."

In an interview with Jordan Rose of Complex, Rich recalls being in disbelief over the roster in his "magic" phone, which includes everyone from Miley Cyrus to Kanye West to Frank Ocean.

"I really don't know how it happened," the 31-year-old said. "I think I got locked up one time, and then I got my phone back and I just had everybody's number."

The Atlanta rapper said he once unsuccessfully tried to reach out to Frank via FaceTime. He was able to get touch with Ye, but he did not know who he was speaking to. However, that didn't stop him from making the best of the situation.

"I [also] had Ye's email, and I FaceTimed him one time randomly," he remembered. "Then he's like, 'Hello, who the fuck is this?' And I screenshot it, I posted it, and people was like, 'Oh yeah, Rich and Ye are doing something.'"

Rich credits the magic phone with helping him land a deal with Interscope in 2017 following his departure from Quality Control.

"When I was leaving QC, I had to do a buyout situation and I was really fucked up. I didn’t have any money, but I had the magic contacts, and I went to every single record label. I had every label, every exec's [number], everybody," he said. "So I called every label. The only person that really answered was Manny Smith from Interscope, and he told me to pull up like, 'Yo, come play the music, let me hear.' And that's how I got my deal, through the magic contact list."


Rich The Kid has a magic phone that helped him get in touch with artists like Frank Ocean and Ye. Our interview with #richthekid about his new album Life’s A Gamble is on Complex now

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Even though Rich the Kid has not released a solo studio album in nearly four years, his long-awaited fourth project is on the way.

"Very, very soon," he said of the release date for Life's a Gamble. "In the next two months."

Read Rich the Kid's full conversation with Jordan Rose here.

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