Queen Naija Responds to Troll Who Joked She Was to Blame for Missing Titanic Sub, Threatens Lawsuit

A Twitter user suggested that the singer and media personality was refusing to cooperate with authorities in the search and rescue operation to recover the missing submarine.

Queen Naija is threatening to file a lawsuit after a Twitter troll joked that she was to blame for the submersible craft that went missing during an expedition to see the wreck of the Titanic.

"BREAKING: TMZ reports singer queen naijia [sic] might have some ties & connections to the missing submarine used to see the titanic & has refused to cooperate with authorities," wrote the user, who goes by the handle @NATERERUN.

"I'll see you in court," she replied with a quote tweet. In a follow-up tweet, she suggested that she was merely joking, though. "Man," she tweeted. "If y'all only knew my sense of humor lol... I was not heated I was literally playing." She also added, "Y'all I truly don't care lol... I just be saying stuff to get ppl riled up."

She then used the opportunity to express her hope that the five people missing on board the submarine could be found and return home safely. "Nah but fr I hope these ppl get found," she wrote. "These are real humans fighting for their lives in a submarine. and ppl are laughing about it omg that's so cruel."

Despite her insistence that she was joking about filing a lawsuit, the Twitter user later escalated the situation when they replied with a tweet from her partner, Clarence White. "Before we go to court let's take your baby daddy first for this tweet," they shared alongside a screenshot that saw White joke that he's "proud" of his son for being, uh, well-endowed.

Naija didn't respond directly on Twitter, but she did offer up a response in The Shade Room comments. "Lol 1... that tweet was addressed in 2020 baby," she wrote. "2... this man literally picked with me to have a reason to pull out old tweets/pictures he saved in his phone. Now I'm really suing cause this is harassment at this point."


During an appearance on The Breakfast Club last year, Naija addressed some of the hate she faces on Twitter. “I get lots of love everywhere but Twitter, they cannot stand me,” she explained. “They blame me for something that happened between a whole other situation. They blamed me because Nicki couldn’t go live or something before they said its all your fault. Its a trend. Literally, when I be looking at the quoted tweets, everybody’s laughing. It’s like I’m the joke of Twitter.”

At the time she said that only some of the tweets bothered her, and that she's able to laugh off the trend of blaming her for everything for the most part. "Honestly I think they really do like me though," she added. "You speak about me so much so you must like me.”

Naija recently dropped her single "Words of Affirmation," her second single of 2023 following "Let's Talk About It."

Meanwhile, the latest update on the missing Titanic submarine indicates that the U.S. Coast Guard has discovered a "debris field" near the wreckage site of the ship. The information is currently being evaluated as the source of the debris has yet to be identified.

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