DJ Akademiks Goes on Misogynistic Rant Against Erykah Badu Years After She Compared Him to ‘Tom & Jerry’ Mouse (UPDATE)

Akademiks is seemingly still mad about being compared to a cartoon character.

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UPDATED 08/10 12:00 p.m. ET: Erykah Badu has responded to DJ Akademiks' rant about her jokingly comparing him to Jerry the mouse from Tom & Jerry.

“I learned something super valuable today, fam,” she said in a video posted to Instagram. “You have to really be careful what you think and what you say out here. I learned today that something I said five years ago in jest, when we all laughed, actually triggered someone’s really deep-rooted trauma. They kept it bottled up for a while and it hurt them so bad, it had them out in these streets acting real pussy.”

Her response then went on to reference Akademiks' comments about her appreciation of incense and sage. "And in honor of that," she said, bringing her new incense into frame. "Badu Pussy on sale today!"

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DJ Akademiks has gone on a wildly misogynistic rant against Erykah Badu almost six years after she compared him to Jerry the mouse from Tom & Jerry.

In a recent stream, Akademiks, who was banned from Twitch for the third time earlier this year, revisited Badu's comments after discussing reporter Meghann Cuniff accusing him of spreading fake news regarding the trial of the recently sentenced rapper Tory Lanez.

"Here's another thing, someone said 'Erykah Badu work your magic,'" he said, per a clip of the comment shared by Chigs Smooth. "Erykah Badu... Let me tell you this. You keep my name our your mouth too. ... That Everyday Struggle shit was another era my n***a."

AK went on to say he was on "disrespectful timing" and added that "all that little sage shit you got going on don't fuck with me."

"I never fucked with Erykah Badu after she came on my show and she was trying to be funny," he continued. "Bitch I don't fuck with you after that. N***a, what's up now? What we finna do? You an old-ass hoe just keep fucked by all these young n****s who's popping. ... Bitch came in here waving all type of wands and shit, I'm trying to be nice to you, now I realize oh you was trying to play me like I'm some clown. Bitch, fuck you, n***a. How many rappers ran through you, n***a? ... How many young rappers you chase, trying to fuck them too?"

Ak later referred to Badu as a "c*m rag for these n****s" and said he "sat on" his feelings regarding the joke for five years. "You a ran-through chick at 45, I'm sorry, get the fuck out of here," he continued while taking swigs from a bottle of alcohol. Ak kept repeating the same "ran-through" comments and then accused her of trying to chase XXXTentacion.

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In a 2017 episode of Everyday Struggle, Badu was a guest and said that Akademiks reminded her of someone. "The name Thomas keeps coming to me. ... It makes me want to eat cereal," she said before eventually revealing she thinks he looks like Jerry the mouse. If it bothered him at the time, he clearly didn't let it show.

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Badu wasn't the only one that thought so, though. Plenty of Twitter users agreed with the hilarious comparison.

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Akademiks has seemingly been determined to become further enveloped in the toxic manosphere as of late. During the same stream, he decided to rip into SZA for some reason and called her an "insecure bitch" who he accused of having several cosmetic surgery procedures. “Let me keep it a bean. SZA is as fat as me," he said. That’s 100 percent facts."

Okay, then.

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