DJ Akademiks and GloRilla Get Into Heated Exchange Over Kai Cenat

Akademiks and GloRilla traded harsh words over the rapper's falling out with streamer Kai Cenat.

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DJ Akademiks and GloRilla got into a heated exchange on social media.

Earlier this week, streamer Kai Cenat revealed that GloRilla had blocked him on Instagram while he was live streaming on Twitch. Although the rapper chose not to reveal the exact reason why he was blocked, it’s believed that their feud stems from Cenat’s negative reaction to her song “Cha Cha Cha” with Fivio Foreign.

On early Sunday morning (Oct. 29), the rapper took to her Instagram Live and went off on Akademiks. "God damn, motherfuckin' Akademiks. N***a, your name ain't no motherfuckin' A-K. N***a, you ain't never shot no A-K in your motherfucking life, n**** ... I'm talking about Akademiks, 'Free KC.' And that's all I gotta say. Fuck y'all."

LMAOOOO glorilla drunk asf going off on Akademiks😭😭😭

— Shayshay (@MashaylaThomps1) October 29, 2023
Twitter: @MashaylaThomps1

Akademiks, 32, did not seem to take kindly to the 24-year-old rapper's comments and the media personality then fired off several tweets at the young MC.

He wrote, “Glorilla is a F*cking Idiot.. She really think Kaicenat is locked up,” wrote Akademiks, referencing to the streamer’s jail stunt. “Her label must have humbled her stupid ass in realizing… Bih.. u aint bigger than the program.. and Kaicenat is valued way more than u. She tried to cop a plea to him but tried to diss me in the process. LMAO”

Across numerous tweets, Akademiks also mentioned that GloRilla had lost her appeal to rapper Sexyy Red and questioned her street credibility. He urged Glo to stop pretending to be tough and apologize to Cenat.

Hours later, GloRilla hit back with insults on Akademiks’ appearance. “Telly tubby looking ass bitch you never know what you talking about,” she wrote before challenging him and his girlfriend, offering a wager of $100,000.

Akademiks continued the exchange, boasting about his success and wealth in comparison to her. "I'm F*cking look better than u... dont worry bout me.. I been successful.. U a bih... that look like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age.. I wouldn't even f*ck a hoe a look like u.. I got too much money for that. Go holla at dr miami."

When asked by a social media user following the fight, Akademiks clarified that he personally wouldn't fight the rising rapper, suggesting that his girlfriend "offered" to fight in his place.

"Jesus luv you Livingston," said Glo, referring to Akademik's government name. "I can't go back & forward with no n***a name Livingston fr you won."

"Gloria ... didn't yo ass go to jail for stealing cereal... just remember when ur chopped Ass was getting booked for stealing cereal I done ran up multi millions off rap . So wat we talmbout GLORIA?" he replied. "Don't cop no plea now.. my girl want that $100k. I told her after she whoop u imma throw a half a million on the lik $100k we take from u. So what we doing?"

"You rap" asked Glo with a number of question marks and laughing emojis before asking her followers to send her a picture of his girlfriend. "I gots to see who da lucky woman is," she added with crying emojis.

Akademiks then suggested that Glo accept the criticism she received and improve her music. He also questioned her understanding of the music business. "U one dumb ass chick... Just like ur label owner make more off u than u make urself ... someone help this ghetto idiot figure out how I run up a bag . This the music business shordy... get smart."

"I'm done trolling," Glo wrote with crying laughing emojis, before deleting her responses to Akademiks. "I see why y'all do ds so much it is a lil fun."

"There u go Gloria now bring that ghetto energy to the studio maybe next song I'll like. And get out ur feelings when N****s say ur shit sucked."

"She know what I know I was finna make her look stupid asf," he wrote when another user pointed out that the young star had deleted her tweets. "Went from talking 'real street shit' to saying u 'trolling' can't take em serious. They just talk shit expecting ppl not to respond. Clownery."

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