Nicki Minaj and City Girls Are on Good Terms After Nicki Said She Wouldn't Collab With Duo (UPDATE)

Nicki Minaj explained why she hasn’t gotten in the studio with City Girls despite fans asking for a collaboration. The two rap acts have since made up.

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UPDATED 6:03 p.m. ET: Nicki Minaj and City Girls have set aside what happened in the past after having a “great convo,” according to Nicki. “Let’s move on & make new memories y’all,” she tweeted.

Both Yung Miami and JT quote-tweeted Nicki, with JT saying, “Thank you for your time, your advice! A true queen…love you!”

Just had a great convo with @ThegirlJT & @YungMiami305. Let’s move on & make new memories y’all. 🦄

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) February 2, 2022

Queen tingz 🦄💕

— Yung Miami (@YungMiami305) February 2, 2022

Sag sister! ❤️ thank you for your time, your advice! A true queen…love you!

— J🫖🪄 (@ThegirlJT) February 2, 2022

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Nicki Minaj has yet to work with City Girls despite fans asking for it, and in a new interview she explained why she hasn’t gotten in the studio with the duo.

Speaking with Lore’l and Headkrack of the Morning Hustle, Nicki was asked if she would do a record with the City Girls and immediately shiftily darted her eyes back and forth. “Well… I don’t know,” she said. “What I will say is that, a few years ago I saw a video of them and I asked someone on their team at the time about them. … I was thinking about jumping on a record, one of their records that was out at the time. And then…social media happened.” 

Without getting into specifics, Nicki suggested there was shade thrown in her direction. “You know, people will say something about someone, an artist,” she continued. “The thing is, whenever you post something on the internet, it’s there forever. Whenever say something in an interview, it’s there forever.”

She shared an analogy about wanting to go to dinner with someone, only to find out the person previously said unflattering things about her in the past. “If I was about to go out to dinner with you tonight and then I get something that says, ‘Yo, she don’t really fuck with you like that. She was saying this and she don’t really like you...’ I’m not gonna go out to dinner with you anymore, because I know that I like you but you don’t really like me,” she explained. “If you hear somebody was saying things about you, not just one thing but repeated tweets for years…” She trailed off and was asked if she’s let it go. “It’s let go, but it’s about, why would I work with someone that doesn’t like me?”

City Girls previously gained attention online after they appeared to side with Cardi B during her feud with Nicki. In 2021, Yung Miami asked for Nicki to unblock her on Instagram, indicating she was either unaware of any issues or looking to move on.

In another interview shared this week, Nicki said she skipped the opportunity to work with Gunna. “There was a song—my label wanted me to go full out with a single and everything, right, when I was pregnant and I couldn’t bring myself to put out a song about pussy and dicks and sucking and eating,” she said on the Dana Cortez Show, as seen in the clip below. “I couldn’t bring myself to put a record out like that while my son was growing in my body.”

She was sent Gunna’s track “P Power”—produced by Metro Boomin and ultimately featuring Drake—and while she considered adding a verse, she ultimately decided against it. “It was like, the moaning and groaning on the track,” she said. “To me, it felt like, do it or don’t do it. So, I knew in order to get on the track, that I would have to be explicit and I would have to really kill it and be explicit and talk that real talk, and I wasn’t ready. I just wasn’t there.”

Check out clips from both interviews above.

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