Master P Reflects on Falling Out With His Son Romeo, Clarifies Meek Mill Comments

In an interview with 'The Breakfast Club,' Master P reflected on falling out with his son Romeo Miller and clarified recent comments he made about Meek Mill.

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In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Master P reflected on falling out with his son Romeo Miller and clarified recent comments he made about Meek Mill.

"So that's what I want to tell y'all," he said around the 12:50 mark of the interview. "All y'all have kids, so I wouldn't wish this on nobody. I love my son but you know the world done changed now. You ain't never heard me say nothing about it, I just like... Everybody try to tell us all how to heal. You not going to understand my pain, because you know you could say Romeo lost his sister, I lost a daughter. So it's a different type of pain. That's why I'm saying that could make somebody snap. So at this time in my life I'm just thankful I'm moving, I'm doing positive things.”

The two publicly took shots at one another following the death of Tytyana Miller, who Romeo said died after their father ignored her struggles with mental health. The two were eventually able to reconcile following what Miller said was a “very hard conversation.” As Master P explained, he mostly chose to mourn privately and hasn’t appreciated how people have commented on how he chooses to cope with the loss of his daughter.

“Some people think I should be a certain way. I can't sit at home, so I get out here and I just want to thank the people that's been with me, that's a part of this You Are Not Alone Foundation." He said following the death of his daughter, Post Malone approached him to do a benefit concert for the You Are Not Alone Foundation. "Shout out to Post Malone and his manager. ... We're gonna do things because this is real, drugs is killing our culture, our kids, and also mental illness. A lot of people are going through that." 

Ultimately, Master P said he’s willing to admit his own mistakes as a parent and that he understands where the animosity came from. “I’m not perfect, and I’m growing as a parent,” he concluded.

Elsewhere in the interview, the mogul commented on his recent admission that he urged Meek Mill not to sign with Rick Ross. He clarified that he was very close to managing him, but did not add much as to why he thought Meek should avoid signing with Rozay’s Maybach Music.

"I had an opportunity to manage Meek Mill," he said around the 11-minute mark, adding that Charlie Mack managed the Philly rapper at the time. "So Charlie Mack had him, and then Meek wanted to go a different direction but Charlie Mack had him on contract. ... I knew that Meek was going to be a boss at the beginning. He had that song called, 'I'm a Boss,' he just was a talented guy. ... My attorney did all the stuff up for Meek... Then I ended up moving on because I thought that Meek should be on his own. He's a boss, it all worked out. ... When I talked about that it was talking about failure."

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