Mase and Cam'ron React to Cam Newton Fighting Off Group of People: 'The Disrespect Is Wild'

Mase suggested that Newton could have got a lawsuit on his hands if the brawl at the camp went differently.

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Mase and Cam'ron have some thoughts on that viral Cam Newton fight.

On the latest episode of It Is What It Is, Treasure 'State' Wilson opened the discussion by mentioning the fight, which took place at a 7-on-7 football tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. She described those who got involved as "kids," which Mase expressed his surprise at. "That was kids?" he asked, to which she explained it was at a youth football event. "That was crazy, man. See, this is what I'm saying... I'ma let Cam go first. Why you let this happen, Cam?"

Cam'ron calls the kids who tried to jump Cam Newton ignorant, and Mase says Cam Newton should stay out of football youth camps because if he had knocked out one of the kids during the brawl, it would have been a lawsuit.

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Cam'ron mentioned that Newton is scheduled to make an appearance on It Is What It Is this week, so he's hoping to hear more details about the situation when he joins them for the episode. "This is the third viral incident with Cam Newton with kids at camp, this isn't the first time he got into anything with people at camp, especially kids," Cam said. "I remember he did the camp right after they lost the Super Bowl, the kid was saying, 'Did you give Von Miller some flowers for Valentine's Day?' ... I guess they were saying he was scared to grab the ball or whatever... Then he gets into another camp that he's at, he gets into an incident where a kid is saying, 'Nobody wants you, you're a free agent.'"

He said that Newton is "never starting" these altercations, but he's "always back and forth... engaging in the argument with the youth in the football camps." Cam added that he would rather hear Newton's side of the story, especially because it could have been the former No. 1 pick trying to break up a fight or it was just a case of people thinking they could jump him.

"This is up to Cam if he wants to keep doing this, because it seems like he's trying to come to these camps and they keep disrespecting him," he continued. "I ain't gonna front, when I was young I was ignorant. I'm still ignorant from time to time, but these little n***as is ignorant. The disrespect in these videos for Cam Newton while he's at a camp... An NFL MVP, the disrespect is wild. I might used to whisper some of this shit they said, they saying shit to a n***a face."

Mase interjected to say it's especially crazy to see kids being disrespectful to Newton considering his presence at these games and camps, if anything, is beneficial to them. "If that happened in Atlanta, that's very dangerous because everybody's carrying in Atlanta," Mase said. "It's like, that could have went a lot of different ways. I mean, I'm glad he got out of there safe, I'm glad everybody seemed to be safe. A few hands got exchanged, but it don't look like nothing too crazy happened. It looked like they were trying to get it going, but they never really got to get it going."

The rapper suggested that Newton should "stay out of those camps," especially if someone involved had a firearm. "Some rappers can't go to certain hoods, Cam can't go to camps," he shared. "People are trying to get paid, also, you know what I'm saying? People are trying to get paid. So if they could lure him into something, where he knock a kid out, you know people trying to get paid these days. It seem like that's the temperature everywhere."

Wilson thought that Newton handled the situation "well," but added that it's disappointing that a former NFL MVP can't go to any of these events without people trying to start fights with him. "If Cam Newton pulls up to a youth football camp, he should be safe," she concluded. "The fact that people even feel comfortable being able to swing on him is crazy."

Cam also agreed that it's wild for anyone to think they could even take on Newton. "He's ready to play if he got with the right situation," he said. "Yo, NFL defensive lineman have problems tackling this n***a, why would y'all think y'all are going to tackle this n***a? ... You're not tackling that n***a, that was stupid."

Mase laughed, "Yeah it looked like he was, pause, having his way out there." He added, "Cam, if you watching this you gotta get so rich you call the cops on them n***as, you gotta go Charleston White. ... He couldn't have won even if he won, because if he would have knocked one of them kids out, it would be a lawsuit. I'm not saying he should have, but I'm saying there was no way he was going to win in that situation. If he lost the fight, he was going to be all over the news, and if he went crazy, other than just taking them off him, he would have been in court the next day."

The video of the fight garnered a lot of reactions on social media, especially because Newton was able to keep his hat on during the scuffle. It also appeared as if he was able to diffuse the situation relatively effortlessly and left the scene without any injuries.

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Watch what Mase and Cam had to say about the fight above.

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