Lil Yachty Asks Nicki Minaj to ‘Unblock Me Because I Am a Genuine Fan’

Yachty revealed in 2021 that Nicki Minaj had him blocked on social media.

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On the latest episode of the A Safe Place Podcast, Lil Yachty has once again asked if Nicki Minaj can unblock him on social media.

Joined by guest Arrogant Tae, who has a strong bond with Nicki Minaj and previously worked as her hair stylist, Yachty revisited her decision to block him. "You know Nicki got me blocked?" he said around the 49:50 point. "What you do? You must've did some shit," Tae responded.

"You know what’s crazy? I’m actually a huge Nicki Minaj fan," Yachty said. "I think she's great. ... “And I’ma take a second in time, to — again, for maybe the third time — address Nicki. I would love for you to unblock me because I am a genuine fan." Tae suggested he could message Nicki to get her to unblock Lil Boat, who suggested he never intended to "ruffle her feathers." Tae said that he hoped Yachty didn't "do anything crazy" to upset Nicki, and Yachty kind of just moved on to the next topic.

In 2018, Yachty spoke with TMZ's Raquel Harperlate-night on her BET late night show Raq Rants and suggested he was on Cardi B's "side" when it comes to her issues with Nicki. He even said that he would be turn down an offer to collaborate with Nicki if it came up because of Cardi, who has a management deal with the same label Yachty is signed to, Quality Control. "As much as I probably would want to," he added. In a tweet, he clarified, "cardi show me too much love 4 me be in the dark about who I side w/. I fuck w nicki doe been did since elementary school.. they just twisted my words."

These days, Yachty is good friends with Drake, showing up multiple times on the production side of his new album For All the Dogs. Since Drizzy came up around the same time as Nicki as part of Young Money, Yachty asked if Drake could help him out in 2021.

“It’s the Barbz, man. They’re still killing me,” Yachty said when asked about the beef. “I woke up yesterday to a heat of fire under my butt from the Barbz. And the thing about that was I think I’m just big on loyalty. I got a lot of love for Cardi B and she’s a damn-near family members so I’ll do whatever. I’m gonna ride. But I never—I’ve loved Nicki Minaj since I was a child. ... “I even hit Drake, I’m like, ‘Yo Drake, tell Nicki I love her. I love her to death.' I checked this morning, I’m still blocked."

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