Jim Jones on Max B and Stack Bundles Not Wanting to ‘Leave the Hood,’ Says He Offered to Buy Them a House

In a new interview with 'FlipDaScript,' Dipset rapper Jim Jones opened up about how he tried to “protect” Max B and Stack Bundles when they achieved success.

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In a new interview with FlipDaScript, Dipset rapper Jim Jones opened up about how he tried to “protect” Max B and Stack Bundles when they started achieving success.

“For Stacks and them... I was about to buy Stacks, Max and Melly [Mel Matrix] a whole brownstone in New Jersey,” he said around the six-minute part, as seen above. “None of them wanted to leave the hood. I was not about to waste my money. That was what I offered them, I went shopping for the shit and all that type of shit. … I’m like, ‘You’re bugging! You could go to the hood every day, but you’re gonna be living in Jersey. You’re gonna be living better. And you don’t have to worry about paying for no rent or nothing like that, I’m just tryna get you n****s out the hood.'”

Max B, who is set to be released from prison by April at the earliest, was convicted for aggravated manslaughter and has been behind bars since 2009. Mel Murda, meanwhile, was sentenced to 135 months behind bars as part of the 6ix9ine and Nine Trey case in 2019. The rapper Stack Bundles was killed at age 24 in 2007 when he was fatally shot in the head and neck.

“None of these n****s would listen and everything that happened that, you know, can happen in the hood ended up happening. Everything to try to protect them for what I know could’ve happened to them," Jones continued. "I tried, ya heard? From getting all these n****s cars. … Everything you could imagine; private jets to Miami, hundreds of thousands in one weekend, two tall buses Atlanta. You cannot front on how I had my boys moving.”

While Jones had a strong relationship with all three at one point in time, his friendship with Max B soured before he was incarcerated. In an interview in 2020, Jones made it clear he was not going to be working with Max B again once he’s released. "Nah, fuck Max B," Jones said. "Tell Max B suck dick. Fuck outta here. ... No, people don't play with me with that conversation. Ain't nobody can tell me nothin' about that."

Max has regretted the way their relationship fell apart, however. "It was just egos clashing. A lack of respect. That shit don’t mix well, and next thing you know, we beefing," he said. "So, as far as the content or whatever, it should've went a different way. I think today, we would've handled the situation different."

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