J. Cole Says He's 'Smart' With His Money Because He's Scared of Being Broke

In an appearance on Kevin Hart's 'Hart to Heart' talk show, Cole also compared social media to smoking cigarettes.

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On the latest episode of Kevin Hart's Peacock talk show Hart to Heart, J. Cole admitted that he's "smart" with his money because he's fearful of being broke.

“I can’t really sit here like some mogul and give business advice ’cause I don’t think I run the best business,” he said. “I’m grateful to have great people around me, where it’s like, my money good. I’m smart with my money... and that just comes from fear. I don’t never, ever wanna be broke again so I’m slow to spend.”

He added that he considers himself "mindful" not "frugal," and is willing to drop some cash if it comes to something like a family vacation. "I’m not afraid to spend but I’m mindful—yeah, I think mindful is the word," he shared.

In another clip from the episode, he shared his experiences with transcendental meditation and why he avoids social media.

"We're from the first generation of, like, entertainers, celebrities, whatever, where you could literally at any minute see what somebody's saying about you," he shared, at the 2:00 point of the clip seen below. "It's like there was nobody to tell you, like cigarettes—when the whole world for decades was smoking cigarettes—there wasn't anybody loudly saying, 'Oh, that's gonna to kill you.' ... It took a long time for somebody to realize how harmful it was. ... Even now nobody's there to be like, 'Don't Google yourself.'"

He shared that he made a commitment to never check his replies on Twitter, or to search his name. Additionally, he decided that he never wanted to let what people said about him to influence his music, because he caught himself doing that in the past.

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In the same episode, Cole offered his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop and praised the women pushing the genre forward. "I think it's fire," he said. "It's a whole different ballgame, you know what I mean? A whole different crop of young superstars and styles... I've been feeling like this for maybe a year or two [and] I hate to say it almost because it sounds almost like pandering, but I really do think, like, man, it's a lot of fire female rappers."

Check out various moments from the episode above.

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