Ice Spice Says Drake Confirmed He Wasn't Rapping About Her on "BackOutsideBoyz"

In an interview on 'Ebro in the Morning,' Ice Spice said she spoke with Drake and confirmed a much talked about line on “BackOutsizeBoyz” wasn’t about her.

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In an interview on Ebro in the Morning, Ice Spice said she spoke with Drake and confirmed a much talked about line on “BackOutsideBoyz” wasn’t about her.

At around the 13-minute mark of the internet, she said that Drizzy personally invited her to one of his recent shows at Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater. At this point Ebro Darden asked the rapper if Drake actually did take a shot at her on “BackOutsideBoyz,” and she laughed it off. “He didn’t, we spoke about it,” she said. “He said that was not about me.”

On the track, which immediately became one of the most talked about songs on Her Loss, Drake rapped, "She a ten tryna rap, it’s good on mute, yeah.” Many assumed that the line was a reference to Ice Spice, because at some point Drake unfollowed her on Instagram. In a post on Twitter, she joked, “At least ima 10.”

“He also appreciated that, too,” she added. “Like, you know, just being cool about it, not being a weirdo. … We just linked up for when my shit dropped, he was in the city for his shows or whatever. And we ended up just linking up, and we was chatting. We Gucci, bro.” Ebro went on to highlight that neither her or Drake made the situation into something “weird,” and she added, “Some n****s know how to act around a baddie, you’d be surprised.”

Elsewhere in the interview, around the 12-minute mark, Ice Spice commented on Lil Nas X dressing up as her for Halloween. “He ate me,” she laughed, to which Paul Rosenberg added that he thinks she should collaborate with the “Old Town Road” rapper in the future. “I think so,” she replied. “It hasn’t happened yet.”

This response was different from her previous interview with Ebro on Apple Music, leading to believe this interview took place in the after she attended the Drake show.

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She also recently sat down for a video interview with Elle, in which she reflected on her love of Kendrick Lamar’s seminal To Pimp A Butterfly. “I was listening to To Pimp A Butterfly religiously on the way to school. It was like a phase,” she said, while also noting that she's a huge fan of Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj.

Check out her Ebro interview above, and her Elle interview below.

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