G Herbo Explains What He Needs in a Full-Time Blunt Roller and How Much He'll Pay

G Herbo has a cannabis-based proposition for one lucky candidate, explaining, "I love smoking way too much to hate rolling this much, bro."

G Herbo

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

G Herbo

G Herbo has a proposition, and while it might not be the best money in the world it sure sounds like an easy gig.

In a series of posts on his Instagram Stories, Herbo announced he's willing to pay someone $36K a year, about $100 a day, to be his personal full-time blunt roller. "Who willing to make 36,000 in a year?" he asked in the clips. "I'm ready to pay motherfucker 100 a day to roll up. That's all you getting though, that's all I got is 100 'cause I'm letting you smoke." Employee benefits include free weed, apparently, but there doesn't seem to be any medical insurance provided.

"Just so y'all know I ain't playing bro," he added. "I love smoking way too much to hate rolling this much, bro. I hate that shit, like with a passion. So I need a motherfucker to roll up for every day." He then proceeded to show his fans how he likes his blunts rolled, suggesting "anything less is unacceptable." 

G Herbo is far from the first rapper to want a personal blunt roller, as Waka Flocka Flame hired someone to do that for him last year for $50K a year. Snoop Dogg also hired a personal blunt roller, telling Seth Rogen last year that he pays someone between $40-50K a year full-time. "That's his J-O-B-his occupation," Snoop said. 

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