Fat Joe Talks 6ix9ine: 'The Worst Thing You Could Do in the History of Mankind Is Be a Rat'

Fat Joe stopped by for an interview with Big Boy to talk about his new album 'Family Ties', but he also gave some more thoughts on 6ix9ine.

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Fat Joe stopped by for an interview with Big Boy to talk about his new album Family Ties, but he also gave some more thoughts on 6ix9ine.

The 49-year-old rapper previously sat for an interview with 6ix9ine prior to his incarceration, but he later washed his hands of him when the controversial "Gummo" rapper testified against the Nine Trey Bloods. Big Boy mentioned how Joe had warned 6ix9ine about the path he was going down, and Joe reiterated that he firmly believes 6ix9ine fake his image for publicity.

"I don't think he ever was a gangster," Fat Joe explained at the 7:30 point of the interview. "So me I was in the streets to begin with, and when you in the streets if you have any bit of brains you become paranoid." He continued, "As I was in the streets and I transformed into music, I knew how they was jamming everybody up, that's why I went to music to not go to jail for life."

In his early 2018 interview with 6ix9ine on Tidal's Cocoa Vision, Fat Joe warned 6ix9ine to get out of that life before it landed him in prison. "I would be lying to myself if I didn't tell you, 'Yo, B. One move they gonna try to throw you in there big time,'" he said.

"You hang out with the wrong guys, you together you trapped in the web," Fat Joe told Big Boy. "He lied to me, off the record he was like, 'Yo I don't do none of that, this is all a front.'" He claimed that 6ix9ine broke it down to him that his image was all just a move to help sell records and build hype. "I believed him, this guy got a gimmick man he got it lit out here acting like this, but obviously he was stepping on shit." 

Asked if he was surprised about how it all went down in the end, Fat Joe said, "No way in the world." He made it clear that he wasn't happy about how 6ix9ine testified, either. "The worst thing you could do in the history of mankind is be a rat," he added. "You gotta understand, when you tell you destroy families." 

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