After news broke regarding 6ix9ine's latest legal issues, a video of veteran rapper, Fat Joe, warning 6ix9ine of this exact fate began to surface on the internet. As a result, on Wednesday (Nov. 21), TMZ caught up with Joey Crack to ask him about his interview with the Brooklyn rapper. 

"I was just trying to school him because I been through that. I had the heat on me. I was wilding in the streets," Joe told TMZ when asked what prompted him to caution 6ix9ine when he appeared on Joe's Coca Vision podcast 9 months prior.

In the viral video, Joe is warning 6ix9ine not to get "Fat Joe'd" like other young rappers such as Bobby Shmurda did.

"Bobby Shmurda got 'Fat Joe'd.' These people... these police tried to set me up so many times... They wanted to get me like they got him. But they got him," Joe told 6ix9ine. "1 million percent they are plotting on you my n****... I would be lying to myself if I didn't tell you 'Yo, B. One move they gonna try to throw you in there, big time." 

Unfortunately, this prediction came to fruition after it was reported on Nov. 19 that 6ix9ine could be facing up to life in prison if found guilty of racketeering and firearm charges. Yet, Fat Joe is not happy that he was right about 6ix9ine's fate. 

"I prayed for him last night because I actually really liked the kid," Joe told TMZ before stating they he and 6ix9ine spent time in Dubai together after the interview. "And, you know, unfortunately he has a serious situation on his hands and I tried to warn him."