Drake Shirtless Photo Leads to Speculation He’s Had Work Done on His Abs

Drake shared a shirtless photo after a "5 min cold plunge" on his Instagram Stories and it has fans speculating on the authenticity of his abs.

Drake performs onstage during "Lil Baby & Friends Birthday Celebration Concert"

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Drake performs onstage during "Lil Baby & Friends Birthday Celebration Concert"

Drake shared a shirtless photo on his Instagram Stories recently, sparking speculation among fans that he’s had cosmetic work done.

The image shows Drake with nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist. “5 min cold plunge for the soul,” he captioned it.

An image shared by Drake on his Instagram Stories

Shortly after he shared the post, fans began to question the authenticity of his abs. Some people suggested he has a “tummy tuck” or “lipo” abs instead of the real deal. Others highlighted that the photo doesn’t show him with much of a defined chest.

Does Drake know that people with defined abs usually have other defined muscles too? Like, we know he paid for em, but it’s a wild visual 😂

drake and these tummy tuck abs

Incisions barely healed and naked on the gram 😭

Drake got surgery to get them abs or?

Ik people shame him for alleged surgery but his surgeon ate bye

On the topic of Drake and authenticity, he recently made his feelings on AI-assisted music abundantly clear. “This is the final straw,” he wrote on Instagram in response to an AI-generated version of his voice rapping Ice Spice’s breakthrough single “Munch.” There have also been several fake Drake songs popping up online, using AI to emulate his voice. He hasn’t commented on those, but Universal Music Group has started to issue copyright notices to get the material removed from streaming services.

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