Diggy Simmons Returns With New Song "It Is What It Is"

After an extensive break from music, Diggy Simmons has returned with the first single from his next album. "It Is What It Is" sees the rapper coming to terms with imperfections.

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Diggy Simmons has been taking an extensive break from music, but that all ended Friday with the release of his minimalist new song, "It Is What It Is." The track features almost no percussion, focusing on his lyrics and the smattering of violins and gospel singers.

Before sharing the Emmanuel Afolabi-directed video, which was set inside a Harlem church, the Queens rapper explained the meaning of the song and promised that a new album is on the way relatively soon.

Explaining that he hasn't released a full-length project in six years, he says that OCD stopped him putting anything out. "For years, I let my irrationalities and the negative perception of others overcome what I perceived of myself," he tweeted. In a press release he explained the meaning of the song's title further, adding, "I'm finally able to take a step back and say, 'It is what it is. I'm happy with this. Here I am.' A lot of people go through those ups and downs and sometimes you just need to let it be. The song really sets the tone for what is to come.” Listen "It Is What It Is" above.


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