Video Shows Diddy Getting Into Heated Exchange With ‘Power’ Actor Michael J. Ferguson While Dressed as the Joker

Videos of Diddy as the Joker made the rounds all weekend, including one in which he appeared to get into a heated exchange with an actor from 'Power.'

Diddy had an eventful Halloween, as he painted the town red dress as Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Videos of Diddy in full character made the rounds all weekend, including one in which he appeared to get into a heated exchange with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson.

The clip shows Ferguson, who portrays 2-Bit in Power, call Diddy a “pussy,” which prompted Diddy to let out a Joker-inspired laugh before calling Ferguson a “clown.”

The two then exchanged harsher insults, with Diddy questioning why Ferguson had an issue with him. “What’s up, baby? You don’t like me?” he says in the clip. “Then motherfucking get to it, n***a. If you don’t like me, you motherfucking fronting. Get to it, bitch. Don’t fucking play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love, n***a.” 

It looks like Ferguson doesn’t know who he was dealing with, as Diddy continues to berate him. “You fucking pussy, make sure you won’t never talk to me like that,” he says. “We’re having a good time. Why you wanna come at me like that? You got a problem? You really taking over my energy right now? What did I do to you? Do you know who I am?”

Diddy eventually tells Ferguson it’s “Puff” before the two hug it out. “You’re lucky ‘cause I’m really about that,” he added, to which Ferguson replied, “I’m with it, too.” Diddy then suggested that he join him at an afterparty and suggested he“change your vibration.”

Diddy in a comment shared on theshaderoom post about an altercation with Power Actor Michael J Ferguson

After the clip was shared by The Shade Room, Diddy jumped in the comments to explain that there’s no animosity between the😌 two men. “Had a fun night. It’s all love,” he wrote. “Hugged like Black kings should do when it comes to some bullshit. Love love love.”

Check out his comment on The Shade Room post above, and see more of Diddy’s take on the Joker, including his run in with Tyler, the Creator below.

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