Currensy Jokes About Starting the Lil Wayne/Clipse Beef Over BAPE

Lil Wayne's beef with Pusha T and No Malice started over BAPE, of all things.

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Lil Wayne's beef with Clipse, aka Pusha T and No Malice, started over BAPE, of all things. Clipse were widely thought to have been two of the first rappers out to sport the brand prominently, and when Wayne started wearing BAPE, many saw a line in "Mr. Me Too" as a subliminal directed at Weezy. "N***as bite the style from the shoes to the watches," No Malice rapped. Shortly after, Wayne refuted the claims and simply stated he was a fan of BAPE. From there, the rest was history.

Tunechi has since said he doesn't have beef with Pusha or Malice anymore, but in a new episode of Full Size Run, Currensy joked with co-hosts Trinidad James, Brendan Dunne, and Matt Welty that he might have been responsible for fostering the beef.

Throughout his career, the New Orleans rapper has shown his love for BAPE​​​​​​​. When asked about whether he was responsible for starting the beef, Currensy didn't really shy away from the question. "I never thought about that until this year," Currensy explained at the 8:22 mark in the episode (above). "They was mad with that dude for BAPE​​​​​​​, and I'm the one who told that dude to get that. So I was like, 'Don't be mad,' like motherfuckers thought shit was dope. [Wayne] wasn't ignoring their existence, he just did not get it, he didn't get it from them."

Currensy also told the Full Size Run team about going sneaker shopping with Wiz Khalifa and his manager, who was into some questionable kicks. Check that out at the 11-minute mark in the video.

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