Cam’ron and Mase Joke About Newly Signed Roc Nation Artists ‘Waiting for the Hov Verse’

The 'It Is What It Is' co-hosts laughed at the idea after sharing their thoughts on Draymond Green saying he's upset about LeBron James' new podcast.

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On the Wednesday, March 20 episode of It Is What It Is, Cam'ron and Mase laughed at the idea of artists signing to Roc Nation and expecting a verse from Jay-Z.

Around the 11:20 portion of the episode, as seen above, Cam and Mase were asked for their thoughts on Draymond Green stating he's "a little upset" over LeBron James launching a podcast with JJ Redick before coming on his. "Who gets LeBron James when they want to just get LeBron James?" laughed Cam. "[What] Draymond is saying is this, 'Ain't we Klutch? Did I sign with y'all n***as? 'Cause I thought we was keeping it Black.'"

LeBron and Draymond are both signed to Rich Paul's sports agency Klutch Sports Group, which prompted Mase to make a music industry analogy. "I would have asked Rich Paul that," Cam said.

Mase added, "It's almost like being on Roc Nation and you can't get the verse." Cam said "that happens a lot" with artists signing to Roc Nation. "You go to Roc Nation thinking you getting that Hov verse," Cam laughed. "There a few n***as thought they was going to get the Hov verse," Mase replied. "You're still waiting for the Hov verse!" Cam joked that a lot of artists just fully expect a Jay-Z verse when they sign to Roc Nation, but it often "never pans out."

Camron & Mase laughing at the artists waiting on a Jay Z feature after signing with Rocnation

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Cam circled back around to Draymond Green, who he highlighted has been hosting his eponymous podcast since 2021, but he thinks the arrival of so many new podcasts risks an oversaturation of the market. "I really believe it's our fault, not patting ourselves on the back or anything like that," he said. "We've been in front of a camera for going on 30 years, you know what I'm saying? Before Stat was born. ... I'm supposed to be here."

LeBron and JJ Redick launched their podcast Mind of the Game this week. “I’m really proud of what we’ve done to innovate in sports media,” James said in a statement. "When I do a project, the only thing I think about is whether me and my friends would watch it. That is definitely the case with Mind the Game. Everything doesn’t need to be designed for internet culture and clicks.”

In response, Draymond said he wasn't feeling the announcement. “I must say I am a little upset that LeBron James is going on a podcast and he still hasn’t been on The Draymond Green Show,” Green said. "But when it’s your own thing, you kind of can’t say anything."

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