Bhad Bhabie Says She Doesn't 'Give a F**k' About Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly's Beef

"I just don't care," Bhabie said.

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With her debut mixtape, 15, having arrived recently, Bhad Bhabie has hit the interview rounds again. Even though the controversial 15-year-old rapper had made it clear she's a fan of Eminem,  in a new interview with Rap-Up she has said that she doesn't want to get involved in the beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Em. 

"Man... I don't give a fuck," she exclaims near the start of the interview clip. "I don't give a fuck about this Eminem shit, I can't even lie to you. No disrespect to Eminem, no disrespect to Machine Gun Kelly [...] But, I don't give a fuck about this Eminem bullshit. I was like, 'I really hope he don't mention my name 'cus everyone's going to call me pussy for not not responding. But no, I just don't care."

As for whether Eminem will ever mention her on record himself, she seems highly apprehensive. "Bro, Eminem does not care about me," she explained. "Eminem does not know my music, he's not worried about it." 

Recently, Bhad Bhabie updated her debut mixtape 15 to feature a reference to Em after fans claimed he ripped the flow off her single "Hi Bich." She explained on her Instagram of the change, "Wit all that talk last week about eminem stealing Hi Bich flow (even though I don’t believe it), I decided to go back in the studio and change the last line on the last song called ‘Bhad Bhabie Story’ of my 15 mixtape #cleaningoutmycloset.” If anything, though, she ended up paying tribute to Em, rather than attempting to diss him.

Check out the short interview clip up top via RapUp.

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